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Bridging the Ocean: Oceanic Cycles

Bridging the Ocean: Oceanic Cycles
Layout / Illustration

Oceanic Cycles is the first part of the booklet series bridging the ocean. The booklet is written by the All-Atlantic Ocean Youth Ambassadors (AAOYA), illustrated & layouted by me.

This booklet series aims to bridge gaps between people and the ocean to
encourage citizens to become stewards of the ocean and its resources.
Conversations around ocean conservation are often filled with terminology
that excludes many people who may not understand some of
the complex concepts and processes, but are wanting to learn and be
a contributing part of the conversation. Through Bridging the Ocean we
hope that people feel welcomed to the ONE ocean that we love and
are all a part of so that we can start to engage more freely with each
other without the separations of geography, technicalities, language or
workstream. It is up to all of us to protect this beautiful shared blue
space and we can only do so to the best of our ability when we are